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This is the entrance to our garden from Ruppert Road. Garden visitors are asked to email or telephone us prior to visiting so we can do some weeding before you arrive!

White Sort July 14 2017    10763

The world needs some whiter daylilies. I hope that I can breed some more great white flowers in the next few years. Some daylily friends and I are working to classify white daylilies so we can differentiate between the white ones, and the almost white ones.


We have a 3 acre garden with flower beds surrounding a large pond. A prominent feature has been a large border featuring predominately yellow daylilies. This year we starting converting this border to showcase our increasing collection of white daylilies.


Daylilies with contrasting color stripes are an exciting new opportunities for hybridizing. I have been successful in getting some great TET striped seedlings using Explosion In The Paint Factory.

CanaryHeights IMG_0174 2

In the chase for new and exciting flowers, it is easy to overlook a simple yellow flower on a terrific plant. This is Canary Heights (Kendig 2008) growing in the Sterrett garden. Tremendous branching and height. Wave to Diane.

Stuart and Diane Kendig welcome you to our website which shows our garden in York Pennsylvania and the daylily introductions created in our garden. Perfect Perennials is a Display Garden for the American Hemerocallis Society so AHS members may call or write to schedule a visit. We continue to sell our introductions and other interesting daylilies on this website. We ship daylilies but encourage people to pick up their purchases as plants sold on our website are potted and established. We have been hybridizing daylilies for 20 years and have developed a line of high performing and cold hardy red edged daylilies. Stuart is also interested in white daylilies and we are very excited about the appearance of broken color stripes in daylilies.

Daylily clumps will multiply rapidly and after several years you will see that the foliage is less attractive, the plants have fewer blooms and possibly smaller flowers. Daylily clumps need to be divided occasionally I have a video on YouTube that shows how we divide daylily clumps which you can view at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vgw7IP91DuE

If you would like to learn more about white daylilies I have prepared a video for the daylilysociety YouTube channel that you can view here: https://youtu.be/dU2gj9u7CJY

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