White Daylilies

White Daylilies can be a great tool in the garden and an essential component of your color palette. The issue with daylilies is that many of the whites are not very white. A small group of daylily enthusiasts have been conducting an effort over 6 years to identify the relative white color of over 250 white cultivars. This will help gardeners select the very whitest blooms and also encourage the development of whiter varieties.

If you would like to learn more about white daylilies I have prepared a video for the daylilysociety YouTube channel that you can view here: https://youtu.be/dU2gj9u7CJY You can search the Journal archives to see previous discussions about white daylilies. These are the whitest daylilies that our group has identified, so far. All of these daylilies are diploid and we are eager to find some white tets that can perform equally.

Gentle Shepherd (Yancey) 1980
Sagarmatha (Elliott) 1984
White Tail (Kendig) 2022
Virgin ((Huben) 2016
Charleston Snow (Kennedy-Algood) 1993
Lipizzaner Stallions (Heinrich-Kendig) 2021

If you are interested in white daylilies, grow at least 25 or more white varieties, and have 1 or more of the above daylilies, please contact Stuart Kendig to discuss participating in our study.

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